Year: 2000
Language: english

Length: 05:34 min.
Format: DV (Sony VX1000)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Uniformed people are being hunted mercilessly through a seemingly endless forest. On their heels: different types of cold-blooded fighting machines. There is no escape from death for the hunted. When their victims are finally slaughtered it happens that the pilots of the fighting machines are actually children, who argue about who won the game.

In 2000, LUDUS was formulated by Amber Artworks, even before its members Helge Balzer, Florian Metzner, and Dennis Rettkowski began their professional careers or studies. It will answer the question to what extent a game might stretch or even overcome moral or social boundaries of entertainment.

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Concept Art

Making of


Maike Balzer

Frauke Balzer

Jessica C. Crandall
Kid in TwoLeg

Collin J. Crandall
Kid in SixLeg

Jörg Laß
“Die Leiche”

Richard Brown

written & directed by
Helge C. Balzer & Florian Metzner

production design, art & animation
Helge C. Balzer

visual effects supervisor
Dennis Rettkowski

director of photography
Torben Kliefoth

edited by
Florian Metzner

music by
Stefan Gubatz

sound design
Florian Metzner

sound editing & re-recording mixer
Michael Wurzbacher

produced by
Helge C. Balzer, Florian Metzner, Dennis Rettkowski & Fabian Fulda

still photography
Anke Beinert

texture photographer
Benjamin Stolz

Dennis Lumme, Jörg Laß & Dorothee Jensen

prologue translator
Maike Balzer

making of
Sebastian Beck

special thanks to
Trevor W. Crandall, Nancy Owen, André Kuhl, Benjamin Stolz, Franz Sebastian Fleischauer, Jörg Laß, Gisela Kaschner, Alexander Schulz, Manuela Christian, Dr. Martin Metzner, Christoph Knies, Gerd Jensen, Willi Rettkowski, Torben Kliefoth, Danny Meier, Oke Schmidt, Dorothee Jensen

an Amber Artworks – creative film production