via falsa teaser

Year: 2012
Language: german
Length: 02:30 min.
Format: 4K 16-Bit RAW (Sony F65)
Aspect Ratio: 1:2,35 

After several decades of aimlessly travelling around, Jelderik, an elderly man, returns to his homeland of Nordfriesland (North Frisia oder Northern Friesland) at the end of the 14th century. Although it has been thirty years since the great flood of 1362, traces of the disastrous devastation can be found all around. And also the memories of things lost in the flood are coming back to him. In the middle of this wasteland, Jelderik reaches a lonely dwelling mound where a forthcoming encounter will shake his world to the core.

The teaser of via falsa was created as a prelude to the actual movie and is supposed to mirror the film’s mood and atmosphere. The teaser was produced in cooperation with MovieStuff Berlin and was shot with 4K resolution with a Sony F65 camera.

Making Of

Concept Art



Jürgen “JJ” Rathje

written & directed by
Helge C. Balzer & Florian Metzner

produced by
Helge C. Balzer, Florian Metzner & Erkan Acar

director of photography
Olaf Aue

VFX supervisor
Dennis Rettkowski

production design & art direction
Helge C. Balzer

matte painters
Chris Reinfels
Tony Andreas Rudolph
Robert Kriegel

edited by
Florian Metzner

sound design
Lukas Lücke

1st assistant camera
Oliver Mex

Peter Kramer

Golo Jahn, Felix Bünsche & Ruben Llewellyn

junior electrician
Thomas Standtke

dolly grip
Vincent Botsch

grip assistant
Ronny Wagner

data management & technical supervision by
Dennis Rettkowski

art department producer
Myriel Balzer

make up artist
Sonia “Anna Zwanziger” Martina

costume design
Nicole Langer

leather crafting & still photographer
Milan Retzlaff

production manager
Florian Metzner

special thanks to
Piet Esch
Erkan Acar

Moviestuff Berlin

an Amber Artworks – creative film development & production