via falsa

Germany’s North Frisian coastline in the 14th century. One foggy evening, farmer Hinrik gives Jelderik the wanderer shelter for the night. Inside, Jelderik meets Hinrik’s wife, Nane, and their son. During supper, Hinrik asks Jelderik what has brought him to the northern marshlands. Jelderik replies that he once lived in the region, and that he lost both his wife and his son there during a violent coastal flood. Jelderik blames their deaths on witchcraft, and soon reveals that he has been wandering the land ever since, hunting down witches and bringing them to justice. As Jelderik’s tale progresses, the mood changes. It becomes apparent that everyone in the farmhouse is connected by a dark past. A deadly conflict is imminent.

Via falsa is Amber Artworks’ next film project, and is currently in pre-production. The via falsa teaser has been produced to provide a sneak preview of the film’s mood and atmosphere.

(coming soon)