aQua ad lavandum – in brevi

Year: 2008
Language: english
Length: 15:39 min.
Format: 2K uncompressed 4:4:4 (Arriflex D20)
Aspect Ratio: 1:1,85

An empty space surrounded by darkness. A door opens and two men storm through fighting. In the heat of the moment Debitus kills Causas. Debitus is able to get rid of the corpse but the victim’s blood is still visible on him. In order to get back through the door and to leave isolation behind he has to get rid of the blood from the murder. Out of the darkness, the mysterious creature Impedim leads him to a well, where he could wash himself. But the moment Debitus tries to bring up a bucket of water a giant portcullis rises from behind where Impedim crouches in the darkness. Debitus desire for the cleansing water is great and he ignores the danger that might come from the open gate. Just moments before he can reach the door, Impedim comes through the gate and steps into the light. Impedim is a grotesquely deformed, degenerated, and gigantic version of Debitus, who wants to drag him into the darkness. A fight begins, which Debitus can win at the last moment by pushing Impedim into the well. Now cleansed, he can finally leave his deeds behind and walk back through the door as if nothing happened.

aQua ad lavandum – in brevi was realized as a cooperation with the “Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen – Konrad Wolf” and represents the thesis film for some of the crew member’s graduation. The movie was shot entirely in English. The time and place in which the story is set are not mentioned. This short film was a special project especially because Alexander Schubert, the main actor who is best known for his comedic performances on German television, played the role of Impedim who is a digitally engineered character. aQau ad lavandum – in brevi contains a lot of symbols and metaphors for a guilty conscience, and society’s acceptance of people who literally have skeletons in their closet is depicted very clearly. The film was equally praised for its entertainment value and profound nature, and received the title “wertvoll” (valuable) from the Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden (Film Board of Wiesbaden). It has shown around the world at over 20 international festivals, has won several awards, and was nominated several times for “Best Shortfilm” in the U.S. Although not specifically designed as such, aQua ad lavandum – in brevi has become surprising popular with horror and fantasy film enthusiasts.

aQua ad lavandum – in brevi – Film
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Making of


Concept Art


Prädikat “Wertvoll” Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden
Winner: Best Cinematography (Dark Carnival Film Festival)
Winner: Best Special Effects (28 Hours Later Film Festival)
Winner: Best FX Short (Sacramento Horror Film Festival)
Nominated: Best Cinematography (Action On Film Festival)
Nominated: Best Visual Effects (Action On Film Festival)
Nominated: Best Foreign Film (Action On Film Festival)
Nominated: Best Animation (Strasbourg International Film Festival)
Nominated: Best Director of Photography (Terror Film Festival)
Nominated: Best Original Music Score (Terror Film Festival)
Nominated: Best Special Effects (Terror Film Festival)
Nominated: Best Sound Design (Terror Film Festival)
Nominated: Best Cinematography (Dark Carnival Film Festival)
Nominated: Best Special Effects (Dark Carnival Film Festival)
Nominated: Best Short Film (Eerie Horror Fest)
Nominated: Best Director (Eerie Horror Fest)
Nominated: Peer Raben Music Award (SoundTrack_Cologne 6.0)
Nominated: Best Art & Animation (Radar Hamburg International Film Festival)
Nominated: Best Short Film (Sacramento Horror Film Festival)
Nominated: Best FX Short (Sacramento Horror Film Festival)
Official Selection 23rd international Film Festival Odense
Official Selection 7th international Video Festival Kansk
Official Selection 9th Rhode Island Int. Horror Film Festival
Official Selection 2nd Festival Internacional San Luis Cine
Official Selection 38th Sehsüchte
Official Selection 1st Detroit Shorts
Official Selection Zompire: The Undead Film Festival
Official Selection I´ve Seen Films International Short Film Festivalwards:
Official Selection Action On Film Festival 2009
Official Selection 5th Fright Night Film Fest
Official Selection Screamfest 09 Horror Film Festival
Official Selection Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival
Official Selection Strasbourg International Film Festival
Official Selection Sacramento Horror Film Festival
Official Selection Radar Hamburg International Independent Film Festival
Official Selection Terror Film Festival
Official Selection Horror UK 28 Hours Later Film Festival
Official Selection Dark Carnival Film Festival
Official Selection Eerie Horror Fest
Official Selection Sydney Fantastic Planet Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festival
Official Selection Interfilm Berlin
Official Selection 14th International Filmfestival Weekend Of Fear
Official Selection 6th international Filmfestival “Fantaspoa”
Official Selection Moving Image International Film Festival
Official Selection ShockerFest 2010 International Film Festival


Alexander Schubert

Mirko Hannemann

written & directed by
Helge C. Balzer & Florian Metzner

produced by
Helge C. Balzer, Florian Metzner & Dennis Rettkowski

executive producer & production manager
Fabian Hoffmann

unit production manager
Grit Fischer

line producer
Anya Grünewald

1st AD
Sebastian Reiss

2nd AD
Marius Druschke

VFX supervisor, senior compositing, character rigging & software development
Dennis Rettkowski

animation, 3D sculpting, modelling, charakter texturing, compositing
Helge C. Balzer

virtual lighting
Olaf Aue, Dennis Rettkowski & Benjamin Bayer

digital intermediate consulting & additional compositing
Fabian Hoffmann

director of photography
Benjamin Bayer

camera operator
Olaf Aue

focus puller
Johannes Wiedermann

ARRI camera support
Andreas Berkl
Oliver Temmler

edited by
Florian Metzner

production design, art director, conceptual art, production illustrator, sculpting, painting and plastering
Helge C. Balzer

construction coordinator
Stefan Vogel

construction supervisor & carpenter
Lasse Kutzbach

gate rigging supervisor
Mirko Hannemann

gate rigging
Oliver “Dollyoli” Friederich

Kathrin Najmrodski & Sandra Ulrich

construction trainee
Regina Servos

property master & costume
Dorothee Jensen

make up artist
Nadine Zins

music composed and orchestrated by
Stefan Maria Schneider

Bernd Wefelmeyer

music peformed by
Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg

additional musicians
Evelin Achtenhagen
Tilmann Dehnhard
Daniel Eichholz
Elisaveta Ivanova
Fabian Koch
Sebastian Kunzke
Owen Molloy
Lou Paquin
Stefan Maria Schneider
Heinrich Schiffers
Tomas Svensson
Nobuyuki Takami

music recorded at
Scoring Stage Berlin

score recording supervisor
Tilman Hopf

score mixer
Alexej Ashkenazy

pro tools operator
Florian Marquardt

music producer
Stefan Maria Schneider

“boogie in your body” written & performed by
Daddy Two

sound design by
Florian Schäfer

supervising sound editor, foley mixer, ADR mixer
Tilman Hopf

sound re-recording mixer, foley mixer, ADR mixer
Alexej Ashkenazy

ADR editor
Florian Metzner

re-recording stage
Interaudio Tonstudio GmbH

foley artist
Günther Röhn

storyboard & animatic
Helge C. Balzer & Florian Metzner

storyboard artist
Helge C. Balzer

Florian Metzner

stunt coordinator & stunt rigging
Jason Oettlé

Mirko Hannemann

stunt development
Sascha Supastrapong

key grip
Oliver “Dollyoli” Friederich

Jan “Joshi” Gießmann

grip assistent
Karl vom Böckel

Heiko “Ho” Herzmann
Mirko Hannemann

lighting 1st unit
Rene Gamsa
Tobias Lindner
Sven Platzk
Ole Schwarz

lighting 2nd unit
Christoph Kube
Kai Oliver Engelhardt
Fee Scherer
Manuel Tanner
Benedikt Sicheneder

still photographer
Jan “Joshi” Gießmann

Tamara Schlüter

dialogue translation
Glen Maurer

Laura Elena Findeisen

set deconstruction and clean up
Dennis Rettkowski
Helge C. Balzer
Florian Metzner

special thanks to
Jürgen & Silke Balzer, Thomas Braune (Interaudio), Christian Benderoth (GF Messtechnik), Rasema Cibic (Interaudio), Mrs. Dietrich (Meon Gewerbepark), Êmma Dött, Stefan Ehrike, Fabian & Nancy Fulda, Wolfgang Gaube, Sascha Haber (Cologne d-eYe), Prof. Hans Hattop, Rebecca Hermann, Stephan Herzog (VCC), Tobias Hoffmann (AVICONET), Melanie Rauhöft (Interaudio), Martin Huber (Ntec GmbH), Dorothee Jensen, Monika & Gareth Jones, Peter Kreutz, Uta Kolano, Jörg Laß, LFB – Lichtforum Berlin GmbH, Lothar Lechtenberg (Fujitsu Siemens), Mr. Lissy (Tamuz LCD Video Monitors), Michael Melzig (Fujitsu Siemens), Bernd Metzner, Meon Gewerbepark, Helge Pahl, Hendrik Pahl, Dieter Plath, Stefan Rüdel (Interaudio), Karsten Rüter, Prof. Christina Schindler, Tamara Schlüter, Simon Schmid, Jan Sauer, Prof. Dietrich Sauter (IRT), Marc Shipman-Müller (ARRI Group), Nadine Sklodowski, Uwe Sorgalla, Ulrich Sparrer, Prof. Bernd Wefelmeyer, Prof. Ulrich Weinberg, Dirk Weinreich (AVID Technology), Christine Wagner (BVK), Michael Wurzbacher

a HFF Potsdam/Babelsberg “Konrad Wolf” production

developed & co-produced by
Amber Artworks – creative film