Amber Artworks – creative film is a creative workshop dedicated to developing and producing films. As well as working on story and script development, Amber Artworks provides complete production designs (including set-, costumes-, props- and creature designs), story boards and animatics. We draw upon a pool of film professionals to fill all important team positions. During production, Amber Artworks supplies the director, art director, editor and animation. Depending on the project, we also work as a producer or co-producer, taking care of all pre-production needs. Amber Artworks – creative film was founded in 1999 by Helge Balzer, Fabian Fulda, Florian Metzner and Dennis Rettkowski. Since 2012, the company has been run by the founding members Helge Balzer and Florian Metzner.


Development & Production

Amber Artworks Opener
Development & Production

aQua ad lavandum – in brevi
Development & Co-Production

via falsa teaser
Development & Co-Production


Born in 1977 in Berlin, Florian Metzner grew up on the North-Sea coast in Germany. Today he works as a freelance filmmaker, editor, author, photographer and comic artist in Berlin. At Amber Artworks, Florian is responsible for directing, writing and editing.

Helge C. Balzer was born in 1979 in Husum, on the German North-Sea coast. He studied animation at the “Konrad Wolf” University of Film and Television, and works as a freelance illustrator and designer for the film and games industries. At Amber Artworks, Helge is responsible for production design, writing and directing.